Saturday, December 12, 2009

Art Museum Treasures

Being abroad gives me the opportunity to travel and see artwork that I might not find in typical history books. The piece above is titled "Alleluia" and was painted by Thomas Cooper Gotch (1854–1931). It's in the Tate Britain with all of my favorite Pre-Raphaelite artists. Part of the reason that this piece struck me so much was that, unlike the vast majority of the paintings in the Tate, I'd never seen a reproduction of it before.

Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl (1860-1933), Die Seelen des Acheron

Vlastimil Hofman, Madonna

The two paintings above are from the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. Both of the pieces are very large and I truly had an emotional response to them. Again, they are by artists that were previously unknown to me.